10 Considerations When Using Mobile Testing Checklist

For example, automation testing is a type of software testing in which the execution of test cases is performed by the software or application. This checklist will include the various phases of app development, like planning and design, development, reports and maintenance, security, and performance tests. It is essential to acknowledge that the world has become mobile-first, and there has been an exponential spike in the usage of mobile devices.

Processing-intensive applications — such as video players and non-native software — can generate a lot of heat. This reality is especially true for non-traditional uses, such as listening to videos as if they were audio-only on a long car trip. Another case might be habitually charging https://globalcloudteam.com/ a phone while videos play or entertaining children on a long trip. Lucky users get a text when they use 75% for the month; unlucky ones get an unexpected bill. One expensive bill — or sudden loss of wireless service mid-month — could be all it takes for users to quit your application.

Why Should I Test A Mobile App?

This failure of data to reach its destination tends to happen at the edge of cellular networks or when too many users are on a system. Simulate escalations in packet loss as users try key parts of the system, including checkout or purchase. With 100% packet loss, the system will fail, but the question will be how gracefully it fails and how useful it will be to the user. It may be possible to restore the state of the transaction when the network “fixes” itself. Run the application concurrently with a variety of other apps on an older, low-memory mobile device. They will happen; the challenge is to then decide how much performance degradation is acceptable and what the oldest devices are that an app can reasonably run on.

Therefore, it’s better to go through the emulator vs simulator difference before deciding which to choose. They are also way cheaper than real devices and can be set to the base level without a factory reset. 5 Reasons Why Mobile Apps Crash Read about the five obvious reasons why mobile apps tend to crash.

AI has promising applications in DevOps, but organizations must account for the maturity of their teams, processes and tools to … Take a link to a regular webpage, accessible only after login from a desktop, and email it to a phone. When the user clicks the link, does the app direct them to log in? If yes, test if users are sent to the specific linked-to page. And if it’s relevant, ensure the app redirects users to the mobile version of that page.

mobile testing checklist

We all know what mobile application bugs can do to mobile devices. An average mobile user will not prefer bugged applications in his/her device Therefore, in order to make it perfect, the mobile applications are tested. We can see developers setting new trends with exciting mobile applications every minute. Is a complex process, and setting it up requires effort from the entire team. You can adjust the steps of the testing process described above for each project.

How Can I Test My Mobile App?

Users can report errors by email or in comments in the AppStore and Google Play. It is important to try to reproduce the reported bugs and deliver them to the development team or the designers for fixing. Smoke test, which is a set that covers only the main functionality and is performed on each new build to decide whether the build is ready for more precise testing.

Especially, when both networks are available, and switching occurred from one network to another. Packet Loss In the case of complete packet loss, the app should be able to resend the request for the information or should generate the alerts accordingly. If data is not complete, then the user will not be able to comprehend information displayed in App. So, it is better to display a suitable message or prompt user to try again.

mobile testing checklist

If your Mobile App does not perform well, the end user will uninstall your app find another application that performs better. To validate the application prompts the user whenever the user starts downloading a large amount of data which may be not conducive for the application performance. To validate whether the phone is able to store, process and receive SMS whenever the app is running.


The application works fast enough with networks it can connect to (3G, 4G, 5G, Wi-Fi). The application consumes CPU and RAM resources according to the requirements. If the application displays a lot of text, the user can adjust the font to a comfortable size. The application has interface elements to conveniently switch between pages and tabs. When the user receives a text or a notification, the application works as usual. When the user receives a call, the application switches to the wait state.

To ensure the smooth work of your application, test it using several popular devices with various types of processors, amounts of RAM, battery capaсities, etc. If you don’t have enough real devices to test on, you can use virtualization services that we overview later in this article. Many different types of security testing can be performed on a mobile application. No matter how you check for compatibility, it’s important to make sure that your app will work with your users’ devices and operating systems.

Also, this type of testing includes checking the syntax for compliance with the style of the application, its requirements, and logic. Testing the effect of the application on battery drainage and the device’s memory. In the first step, we identified the device models and OS versions that the application should support.

These checklists will make the mobile application a perfect released product. Moreover, if the quality assurance team follows the tips, the chance of bugs will be lesser. Also, application development takes place with an intent to impress the world and earn income. To ensure the comfort of the end-user, one should perform a usability test first.

  • Set focus to inputs that have errors and check that the error messages are spoken by the screen reader.
  • In order to achieve these factors, companies need to leverage end-to-end mobile app test automation.
  • Real devices are used to test if programs can be appropriately downloaded by users or not and if it communicates with the support as expected.
  • Needs to review the security of your connection before proceeding.
  • However, BrowserStack doesn’t provide you with full control over device settings.

The response of the application if the network issue comes when the payment process is active. The authenticity of the users and the application’s permission. Make sure to analyze the performance of the application at the No Network or No Internet zone. Test the performance of the Splash screen while loading. QA team should maintain responsiveness of application across all resolutions. App performance when charging and during low battery conditions.

Top Tools Used For Testing Mobile Apps

Doing so will help you find more bugs and catch them sooner in the development cycle. The mobile app industry is thriving and accelerating at an unprecedented pace. This has led to a significant increase in the number of apps available for download by the end-users. Functionality testing is a great tool to check if the app has met its functional requirement.

If there’s a significant difference, you may have a problem. We have various frameworks and automation testing tools for test automation. Here is the list of some top test automation tools or frameworks. Navigate through all screens of the app and check that the user interface components are identified consistently. The validator must ensure the performance of the application at the time of installation and uninstallation. Here we listed a detailed checklist that can help you, as a tester, to make sure your mobile app is perfect to be released to the market.

This describes the contradiction between the actual application behavior and the expected behavior described in the requirements. This discrepancy proves that the issue is not trivial, but is a defect that needs to be fixed. Priority from low to block level depending on how the business logic of the application is affected. As a result of this stage, you will get a list of test cases containing a description of the idea validation, the necessary steps, the expected result, and test-suites.

Before release testers need to confirm there is no crashes and application has consistent behavior across different mobiles screen size and screen resolutions. Idle Screen- Testers can run application when mobile screen is idle and check battery consumption. Your ultimate goal is to create a mobile app people will use. That probably won’t happen if your app doesn’t appeal to users or worse, shows its flaws once they download it.

Naturally, every mobile app tester needs a practical checklist at hand. They need to know exactly what to test, check for, and verify. Applications that don’t need network traffic after the installation wouldn’t be much affected. The main course problem with the application that requires network data for further working is that, they have a tendency to consume a large amount of data. Sometimes, this can affect the working of other apps in the device too. Clearing this defect before launching the app in the market can add to its efficiency.

Types Of Testing

By doing these performance tests, you will establish that your mobile app can withstand the demands of users and provide a good user experience. Each of these types of security testing has its advantages and How to Improve Mobile Testing Skills disadvantages, and there is no one-size-fits-all solution. The best approach uses a combination of these methods to comprehensively assess the security of your mobile application before it is released.

Front-end testing will ensure that the app under test will perform on different browsers and devices. Perform unit, regression, performance, integration, and acceptance tests on the app for comprehensive front-end testing. This also covers the amount of data used by the application. Performance is merited on the basis of how well applications behave on the device. Testing compatibility on different devices (mobiles, tablets, laptops, etc.) based on processor type, battery capacity, RAM, etc. Volume testing to analyze app performance when subjected to a large volume of data and traffic.

Checklist For Mobile App Testing

Each app must be tested to ensure that it interacts with the device’s GPS to pick up location and customize its offerings accordingly. In such a competitive industry, every mobile app must be released in its best possible state. Every bug that escapes QA checks risks dissatisfying a user and causing them to uninstall or delete the app. In fact, almost 1 in every 2 apps is uninstalled in 30 days. Gaming apps having multi-player specifications and applications like sound cloud where user can listen to music online can cause huge battery drainage. Integration of the mobile application with the device is significant.

It offers thousands of real Android and iOS devices for automated app testing. The mobile devices are also available for mobile app testing. When it comes to mobile applications, compatibility is key.

Given the variety of devices, operating systems, and device-specific features, be prepared to face some roadblocks. Prototype testing lets you experiment with different concepts of an app to see how features, functionalities, and visual styles aid the user experience. Applications must be bilingual to have massive international appeal. Moreover, the high quality of the user experience must be consistent across all languages, and users must be able to switch between languages with complete ease. As a developer, you should make sure your app meets the most critical criteria before launch. This app checklist will help you and your team identify and fix issues before the final product’s release.

He has a well-established vocation with 12+ years of progressive experience in the technology industry. He directs all product initiatives, worldwide sales and marketing, and business enablement. He has spearheaded the journey in the e-commerce landscape for various businesses in India and the U.S. Analyzing the application when adjusting the screen bearings. No matter what type of app you’re creating, pay attention to these testing types and best practices as you prepare to launch. Approximately 50% of tech companies have failed because they could not adapt to the ever-evolving demand of releasing high-quality apps.

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